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Why I'm mad about #CANCELCOLBERT by An Actual Asian →


I’m really pissed off about this #CancelColbert shit right now and here’s why. A lot of you morons don’t understand that the “tweet” is INCREDIBLY out of context. And then there are the morons who go “uh I’d like my satire without racism please”. Then you don’t want satire, you want PG rated…

Applauds forever.

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The hashtag #WhiteFeministRants was started by @RaniaKhalek in response to The Nation piece on “toxic feminism”, a piece that purposely obscured structural power differences and racism within feminism as to why the responses (to various stunts by White feminists) from women of colour do not always have a “nice tone” and are thereby deemed “toxic.” I previously posted about that article and shared an important quote from another response piece to that article. The tweets I sent above were specific to Black women and experiences with mainstream feminism because that’s my experience as a Black woman, but of course Black women aren’t the only ones repeatedly marginalized in these daily hit pieces, within feminism and within society itself. But the role of anti-Blackness within such friction cannot be denied either. 

If we’re going to have an honest conversation about problems in feminism (which simply reflects White supremacist capitalist cisheteropatriarchy itself, “feminist” label or not) but cannot discuss why some womanists/Black feminists, women of colour who are feminists, trans women, sex workers, poor women, disabled women etc. respond to these hit pieces and structural exclusion and oppression because of White Feminism/mainstream feminism's proximity to the State and distance from the oppressed, then things like what I mentioned in the tweets above (which is not really hyperbole…at all) need to be included in claims of “toxicity.”

I do not randomly tweet White women. Other than a handful who are kind to me, I don’t talk to too many online about topics of any significance. I don’t have any White women friends offline because of the abuse I experienced at their hands in high school, college, grad school, a decade of corporate America and social groups/gatherings/in public. So I am not running around planning to be “toxic” to White women or White feminists specifically. I don’t troll them or anyone online. Sometimes I discuss their harmful work and I don’t always tweet them directly. I focus on my life and my work, but that work includes deconstructing racism and how this (among many other identity facets) differentiates how we experience gender. And racism amidst feminism does not get a pass nor am I doing so because I want some kinda “White approval” that they deny me. So this idea that I could ever talk about it “too much” or should ignore it and grin, smile and tap dance for White feminists is an idea that will not ever be valid to me.

Oh and by the way, when they’re saying things like what I mentioned in my tweets above—reinforcing White supremacist narratives and norms about Black women as feminists, mothers, writers etc.—that stuff hurts. I understand that Whites think that Black people—especially Black women—do not experience pain in the way Whites do or at all (as actual research has confirmed their thoughts), that is actually a White supremacist lie with centuries of history used to justify the dehumanization of Black people. These things hurt. And while their “feelings” get “hurt” by critiques that I make of their racist, White supremacist, anti-intersectional, purposely obscuring structural power type of pieces, planning and action, their lies about who I am as a Black woman threatens my life. There is no “both sides” that “goes both ways” when one “side” has White supremacy—which they do not use their feminism to deconstruct—supporting them. 

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Here we have a twitter account filled with satire, no different that Colbert’s piece on the Washington football team. Is anyone shallow enough to take these as literal too?

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How are people genuinely outraged at the Colbert Report?

Get some reading compression skills if you’re too thick to understand satire. You’re no different than knee-jerk conservative reactionaries if you can’t see the point of that bit about the Redskins.

If girls feel good about themselves, how are we going to sell them things we don’t need? You know how the magazine industry works, don’t you?
Stephen Colbert
New Gingrich is an idiot of great renown. There is something so hopelessly gross and vile about him.
Maurice Sendak on Colbert Report

Hispanics are the new negro

Stephen Colbert: You have said that Hispanics are the new negro.
Scott Douglas: Yes, based on treatment, because it's just like the Jim Crow laws. Where arbitrary laws, capricious in their application gives anybody the power over you, to abuse you, to hurt you, to harm you.


BOEHNER JOKES WOMEN HAVE ABORTIONS OUT OF CONVENIENCE | House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) joked that women decide to have abortions because they find their pregnancies inconvenient, during his address at the Values Voter Summit this morning. “Like I told you, I have 11 brothers and sisters, my mother had us one at a time,” Boehner said. “I’m sure it wasn’t convenient for her. But I’m glad they’re all here.” (ThinkProgress)

[There’s a name for people like you Boehner, I believe it’s douchebag.]

You know the common thread I notice with Republicans? They’re not good at telling jokes. They’re funny alright, they’re funny the way your school principal is funny when he uses outdated slang to appear hip.

"Yo, cool dudes, have you considered hangin’ out at the happening student government club meeting this afternoon at 3:30? Bring along some pals, your best gal, the whole gang!"

But their actual attempts at humor, not funny, remember when Fox News tried to make its own Daily Show? Commence eye-rolling. McCain’s joke: Wouldn’t it be hilarious to start a nuclear war with a Middle East dictatorship!? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?! Cain’s Jokes: Let’s electrocute Mexicans, lol! Limbaugh: Hey, guyz, Obama is a magic NEGRO, amirite? Dennis Miller: Globildy Guk, blah, blahbity boo, insecure-strict-father-model-attitude, blooblippity blong. And now John Boehner.

Here’s the thing, Repugneticans, you’re a bunch of bible-humping, minority-insulting, privilege-denying, southern-strategist, machismo, humorless creeps. You think you’re views are being marginalized, you’re goddamn right because you’re a bunch of fucking bigots and nowhere is it more apparent than in your sad attempts at joke telling. Shut your fucking mouths.

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Colbert’s Super PAC approved.

Stephen Colbert appears on “Faces of Americans with Henry Louis Gates”

Stephen Colbert defended Sarah Palin and her Paul Revere gaffe by showing us how Revere could have ridden a horse while ringing a bell and firing multiple warning shots from a front-loading musket.

And because Wikipedia locked down their Paul Revere page after Palin’s supporters attempted to alter it in her favor, Colbert urged his viewers to go to Wikipedia’s page for “bells” instead.

COLBERT: Unfortunately, the hardcore fact addicts at Wikipedia have undone the changes and locked Paul Revere’s page. Which is why I want all of you to go to the Wikipedia page for “bells” and make sure it reads, “Bells: Used by Paul Revere to warn the British that hey, you’re not going to succeed in taking our guns. USA! USA!”


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