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A whole lot of asshats think it’s funny to talk shit on atheism every April 1st

Because in the Bible theres a passage “a fool hath said in his heart there is no god.” So, it’s “fools” day, get it?

I’ll accept their mockery when they acknowledge that a passage from a book insisting the book is true is circular logic and no more relevant than a whiney child yelling “IS SO IS SO IS SO!!” To win an argument.

That religious comic you were handed is called a Chick Tract. You should google up the associates website. It's full of insane scare tactic comic strips all with hamfisted lessons about why this or that person is going to hell. They're hilarious.


Chick Tract? Odd name. But wow. There’s a whole site full of these shit stains. Incredible. 

It’s named after the artist, or his pseudonym (I never bothered to find out if it’s a real name), Jack Chick.

Evangelicals leave these things on car windshields, in mailboxes, I’ve found them in aisles at the grocery store, in libraries, pretty much anywhere you might stumble across it and have your day fucked up by someone’s annoying religious baloney. Of course, as you can tell, they’re marketed at children.

The idea is that you’re a bad parents because you’re probably a heathen or a Jew or a catholic or a Mormon or just not fucking saintly enough, so when your kid finds this on the Little Debbie display case or in a toy store he can be afraid of hell an god without even having to have shitty parents putting it on him.

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The scariest thing I see as a former Muslim is when I see other Muslims who cry when they recite the Quran, it is so frightening to see how easily they have been brainwashed and put into an absolute non stop state of fear.



Yup, I also find it frightening when they tell their children that they will burn for eternity just for thinking that there is no god, when they self flagellate, take honour in having their sons become martyrs, and when they literally spend hours a day at Islamic shrines praying, thinking that somehow the laws of the universe are going to change because they keep repeating a bunch of nonsense written in a book 1400 years ago.

What makes the asker think it was easy, I wonder. It’s not that easy to manipulate people on this level. You have to get them when they’re either very young or in a very vulnerable emotional place. That’s why religious education is primarily for children and people looking to rehabilitate or people in times of crisis. That’s called a captive audience and Islam, Christianity, Scientology and others have perfected the art of marketing to them.

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😅 #atheism #atheist #logic #reasoning #atheists #spidy #spidey by scumphi

There’s an independent thinker for ya. Independent of reason and intelligence that is!


😅 #atheism #atheist #logic #reasoning #atheists #spidy #spidey by scumphi

There’s an independent thinker for ya. Independent of reason and intelligence that is!

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My paternal grandmother has always disliked me purely because my mother isn’t a Muslim Arab


And that I was raised catholic. Yet people expect me to care about her and put up with her judgemental bullshit just because she’s old. I don’t think so.

Just another great example of religion destroying what should have been a meaningful family bond.

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Religious belief dulls the mind and obscures reality. To be closed to criticism of religion is to advocate for an insular, ethnocentric society. It's a kind of isolationism. The fact is all people share one objective world and when we can agree on the realities of that world, we can begin to develop solutions to improve everyone's lives. Being critical of dogma is, I think, the most important step in achieving globalized equality.


Okay, tell me how “I do not want to see hateful, ignorant, toxic posts about religions” translates to being closed off to criticism about religion.

Please tell me, for the love of science, tell me.

In that case, I guess we’re on the same page. Maybe I read a connotation into your original post that wasn’t there.

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Daily Kos :: CNN's Headline News channel asks psychic to weigh in on missing plane →

Cheap false hope from scam artists is what you get when you “respect everyone’s beliefs”

Fred Phelps is finally dead!

Rejoice, y’all! The fucker’s wormfood now.

Religious challenge to health care law hits high court →

…the Supreme Court to decide whether religion trumps law. Oh good grief. Do they even read Good Reason News? →


I am really disappointed in my own mother.

I come from a super conservative christian family (aka my mom) and today we were getting help from “missionaries” in order to move out the old furniture and build the new couches (finally, that old couch was broken to hell and back).

And my mom was…

She comes from a background that dictates antiquated, chauvinistic social mores with an iron fist, and one that’s especially strict toward women and their bodies. She sees the church as her authority in life, so in the home, where she is your authority she imitates the church’s style by standing on your throat the way it stands on hers.

She embraced that oppression. You don’t have to.

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