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This made me feel a lot better about kids my age. Especially because this guy isn't even conservative. →

I usually think it’s not that colleges have a liberal bias, but, simply, the more educated one is the more likely he or she is to develop liberal ideologies. Why? Liberals are nuanced, complex, rational, and thoughtful. We consider the impact of actions we take. We doubt ourselves, reconsider and analyze what we believe. We grow. We keep abreast the latest developments and judge our political views based on real world applications, unlike conservatives who judge real world developments only after checking it against their stated political beliefs. Conservatives are defensive, it’s in the very name. They stick to their guns, believe in American exceptionalism and tradition and the status quo. They’ve bought into something.

It doesn’t take an intelligent person to be a conservative, it only takes a stubborn person. Not to say that no conservatives are intelligent. On the contrary, just about every conservative politician and writer and TV goofball has pulled off this incredible stunt of appealing to the blue-collar, tough-guy who values providing for his family above all else, yet they funnel all the money they can to big corporations and lobbyists who help them get elected. Many of these conservatives even achieve this while labeling themselves Democrats.

But the educated bunch, we’re liberals. I know you’ve been told that liberals are ivory tower snobs who think they know better than everyone else and you’re free to believe that and work really hard on making it all the way from Wal-Mart door-greeter to Wal-Mart cashier all the while clucking your tongues and what a terrible lot of liberal snobs those academic types are and that’s fine, I’m not making fun. I’m just saying, those of us who value education and intelligence end up liberal because it’s the intelligent choice.

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I used to call Rick Perry “Raindancer,” but I may start calling him “Crackerhead” now.

I used to call Rick Perry “Raindancer,” but I may start calling him “Crackerhead” now.

Wisconsin State Employee Fired for Blowing the Whistle on Voter ID Poll Tax →


This morning, Chris Larsen was fired for informing his colleagues at the DMV about the Wisconsin state Department of Transportation’s policy not offering free voter IDs to people unless they specifically asked to have the fee waived. If the fee isn’t waived, the Voter ID costs $28.00.

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How Rick Perry created all those jobs | Partisan Gridlock | a blog →

The question isn’t whether Texas has created jobs, it clearly has. The question is: How, and at what cost?

Perry said in a recent interview on Fox that it’s a simple formula:

For me a red flag always goes up as soon as someone comes along, approaches a complex international problem and declares the answer ‘simple.’

Few government regulations, severe limitations on the right to sue and low taxation. Again, Perry’s right. Do those things and businesses will come to the state and create jobs.

When conservatives and libertarian whack-jobs say this I always wonder if they’re just trying to create an America where worker’s rights and unions never existed. Don’t they see that if they eliminate unions and worker’s rights people are just going to get fed up with being abused and start them up again. What’s the good they hope to influence?

What he didn’t mention was what, other job creation, happens when you give business everything it wants.

Of course tax breaks for multi-billion dollar corporations incentivize businesses to expand. They also cost the state money that it needs for schools. Given a choice, Rick Perry’s Texas went with tax breaks. Now the state’s laying off as many as 100,000 teachers. That’s not likely to help Texas improve its current high school graduation rank of 36th in the nation.

By the way, go home and ask your parents why they chose to move into the town you live in now. If they weren’t raised there or they didn’t have families there, most likely the answer will be “it was close to work and there are good schools.” Good schools is one of the top reasons people move anywhere and it’s how town’s develop. When populations develop, retailers moves in. It all starts with good schools. Perry’s got it backwards.

If chemical companies didn’t have to comply with both state and federal regulations, they could hire thousands of people. So Perry’s administration not only refuses to regulate them in any meaningful way, but attacks the federal government when it does. Texas now has a thriving chemical industry and the largest levels of airborne carcinogens in the nation.

Corporate responsibility and compliance with law are inconvenient. Making a mistake and getting sued for it is expensive. So Perry, his appointees and allies have enacted tort “reform” so draconian that now, businesses are free to do whatever they want to their employees and consumers literally without consequence. New laws and radical right-wing judges (many of them appointed by Perry) have not “limited” lawsuits, but effectively prevented entire classes of people from seeking justice of any kind.

Remember kids, ‘Tort reform’ is nothing more than a confusing term created by tobacco lobbyists to prevent American citizens from having their day in court against corporate criminals.

Today, even if a jury awards you damages against a corporation, there’s about an 87% chance that the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court (five of whose nine justices were appointed by Perry) will take it away from you, regardless of what the law says.

And that’s how they stack the deck against you: Appeals courts filled with business-always-wins republicans and unreasonable legislation like lawsuit caps.

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AH-HA, Perfect description of conservative crybabies when they talk about the Daily Show.

AH-HA, Perfect description of conservative crybabies when they talk about the Daily Show.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Vanguard’s “Sex, Lies & Cigarettes,” correspondent Christof Putzel goes undercover at the 2010 World Tobacco Conference to hear tobacco company employees speak honestly about their products and business.

President Obama single-handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this off.

Wait, aren’t the Republicans always feigning about how the last thing they want is a government shutdown? Guess the Tea Party extremists and the escaped Arkham Asylum patients they elected to the House blew the cover!


As the debate over Planned Parenthood continues in Washington, Chloe Heitnz, a 22-year-old recent college graduate, took to YouTube to explain how Planned Parenthood helped her at one of the darkest moments of her life. On Thursday, she shared her story with Washington Unplugged.

In the video Heintz explains how she was raped by a boyfriend when she was 17. As she explained to’s Lauren Seifert during the interview, “It was a pretty violent situation… And afterward it took a long time for me to develop a coherent way of thinking about that experience.”

Heintz did not get pregnant as a result of the assault, but she was given a pregnancy test and tested for STDs at Planned Parenthood.

Bet you can guess what major media outlet is making a mountain out of this mole hill.

Bet you can guess what major media outlet is making a mountain out of this mole hill.