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Coward Pope probably resigned in scandal after all →

Reports coming out of Italy suggest that the pope decided to call it quits not because of his old age but instead to avoid the fallout that could come from a secret 300-page dossier compiled by three cardinals he tapped to look into last year’s leak of confidential papers stolen from his desk.

Those papers, widely known as the “VatiLeaks,” raised questions of financial impropriety and corruption at the Vatican. The investigation that followed, however, may prove even more uncomfortable for church officials.

Good Reason News: No! You Prove It →


I have posted before how God has blatantly answered prayer in my life including the fact I should not be alive today except for the prayers of others when I was too sick to care if I lived or died. Of course according to unbelievers that is no proof. I have concluded that most atheists would not believe proof of God if it bit them on the backside. Oh, I forgot. Without God all truth and morality is relative.

Sounds to me like all you did was get sick, pray and eventually get better. You know that correlation doesn’t equal causation right? It’s like if I said that keeping an American flag flying on my house keeps tigers away. I mean, after all, there’s a flag and there ain’t no tigers! That’s called confirmation bias and it’s not proof. It’s superstition. Like lucky socks, and like lucky socks, it stinks. How do you know you didn’t just get better? Human bodies are remarkably good at repairing themselves. How do you know it was god that intervened in your disease and not just a functioning immune system or medical intervention or some environmental influence or Satan or Jupiter or Zoroaster? And even if you rule all that out, of course, it doesn’t matter because proving that medicine wasn’t what helped you, doesn’t mean a god did. It just means the medicine didn’t. Your flaw is a mix of argument from ignorance (if not god then what else?!) argument from personal experience (it happened to me! Just blindly trust that I had a supernatural experience!) and confirmation bias (the thing that happened is the thing I wanted to have happened so I obviously made it happen!)

How’s that for a bite on the backside?

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Scientists use 3-D printing to help grow an ear, make-believe gods have yet to replace any missing body parts →

Scientists at Cornell have put 3-D printing to an incredible medical use: They’ve made an ear remarkably similar to a natural one. Using 3-D images of a human ear, they printed a mold to be injected with gel containing collagen from rats’ tails, HealthDay reports. Next, they added cartilage from cows’ ears.

She loved her son, but thought he would be better off in heaven

battalogeo: A response to Tim Minchin. →

[I cut out just the relevant segment of ajbuchan's post, there was a lot more.]


There is an abundance of evidence for the reliability of the New Testament’s eye-witness accounts of his life.

Really? An abundance. Well, in the more than half a decade I’ve been atheist blogging and studying religious claims worldwide I’ve heard about none. Although, I must say, I’ve sure heard a lot of people make these types of cocksure claims about evidence without presenting any.

There really was a man named Jesus of Nazareth who came to be called ‘Christ’.

I deny that, show me a single piece of extra-Biblical evidence of this.

There really was a trial, a sentencing and an execution of a man who didn’t deserve it.

First of all, there’s also no record of that, unless you’d like to produce some. Even the accounts in the Bible vary, probably because they’re slightly different versions of the same myth that had previously been passed down orally.

Second, within the context of the story, what makes you think Jesus didn’t deserve what happened? He wasn’t wrongfully accused, he was truly guilty of the crime he was charged with. You could say that the crime was bullshit or that death was severe, but you make it sound like he was innocent.

There is evidence that what happened next changed that part of the world in a way that meant his followers went around sharing about his life and ministry with the world around them, risking their lives for the sake of their message.

You can’t just say there is evidence and think that that counts. Back it up! Show me the evidence. Of course, this point doesn’t even matter because proving that the spread of the story of Jesus changed the world doesn’t prove the story true. It just proves the story effective. Superstitious people, near cavemen really, living in fearful times under a dictatorship, of course this story of hope and redemption appealed to them. Of course power structure was fearful of it.

What does Minchin think happened instead of this?

I can’t speak for him, but I bet part of what he believes happened was a guy didn’t rise from the dead and promise a magical kingdom of supernatural wonder to the ghosts housed within the bones of all who apologized to him for masturbating.

Why would you create a story and risk your own life in sharing it, and die for it like many have?

You should really watch this:

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Bristol University's Christian Union Bans Women From Speaking At Meetings →

A university’s Christian society has banned women from speaking at events and teaching at meetings, unless they are accompanied by their husband, it has been revealed.

The Bristol University Christian Union (BUCU) had originally decided women would be allowed to teach at meetings after their international secretary resigned in protest, but the group has since changed its policy.

Salvation Army Clarifies: they didn't mean gays deserve physical death, just spiritual death. →


After an Australian official said the Salvation Army “aligned to the scriptures” in their view that homosexuals deserve death, the head office clarifies: we don’t want homosexuals to be punished physically, only spiritually.

I like how a part of them are acknowledging that they don’t mean “real” death, they mean “pretend Christian after death in our make believe la-la land.”

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MORSE: I think a lot of our students are encountering this type of situation in their dorms and on their college campuses… What I want to say to you, is that the other side has RAs in the dorm where your young people are going to school. There’s no TV message that is going to do the job of countering that type of influence. Somebody’s got to be there talking to young people one at a time in the places where they’re hanging out and doing the things that they’re doing. There’s no mass media strategy by itself that will solve this problem. […]

And this holiday season, when your young people come home from college, ask them about this. Ask them if they have a gay RA in their dorms… So please, talk to your young people about this and see what kind of pressure they may be under that maybe even they don’t realize how much it’s having an impact upon them.

lol, here’s to all the jackasses who say being against gay marriage isn’t indicative of a hatred of gay people.

Fascist Christian not-real college challenges ACA in Supreme Court →

A few things about Liberty University, besides their obvious hatred of their own employees:

1) They have a library named after founder Jerry Falwell

2) They banned students from having a “college Democrats” club because “The Democratic Party platform is contrary to Christian doctrine” (actual quote)

3) They teach young earth creationism instead of actual science.

4) Their medical school is funded by tobacco companies

5) It’s churned out such ‘winners’ as Tony Perkins, Billy Graham IV, and confederate sympathizing, homophobic, anti-intellectual Chuck Baldwin


(Stills from video footage of reporter Susannah Cahalan in the hospital.)

Susannah Cahalan on the possible connection between her rare autoimmune disorder and cases of “demonic possesion” throughout history:

When you think about the symptoms — in my case alone, this grandiosity, this violence. In a lot of children, you see hypersexuality. Even my grunts and these guttural sounds that came from me sounded superhuman to someone who might be inclined to think that way. … When you see videos of people — in fact, when I see videos of myself — demonic possession is not far from your mind. It wasn’t far from Stephen’s mind when he first saw that seizure. And I’ve talked to many people who’ve had this disease, and one woman I spoke to actually asked for a priest because she said, ‘The devil is inside of me. I need it out.’ A little girl was grunting — they had a monitor in her room — and she was grunting so unnaturally that her parents looked at each other and said, ‘Is she, is she possessed?’ They actually said that about a little girl. You can see throughout history why people would believe this.

Medical science once again solves what paranoid, superstitious religion (namely Christianity, specifically Catholicism) could only every make up stories about.

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