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Hobby Lobby Is Now Discriminating Against a Transgender Employee →

When a company’s motives are based in Christianity, discrimination is always just around the corner.

Alabama’s chief justice: Buddha didn’t create us so First Amendment only protects Christians →



This has been another episode of “Conservatives Actually Know Fuck-All About the Constitution.”

Chief. Justice.

The first half of this is true whether you’re a Buddhist or not. The second part is like the petulant whines of a child making up the rules as he goes along.

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Toni Braxton Says God Gave Her Son Autism Because of Secret Abortion (Video) | Atlas Left →

Great example of what Christian guilt and bullying can do to a person. There’s so many dimensions of why this is twisted.

Church pulls 'hell' sign after police probe →

A passerby in Norfolk, England, complained about the sign, which said non-Christians would “burn in hell,” and showed flames below the words, “If you think there is no God you better be right!”

By their logic, they better be right they chose the right god to believe in.

By the way, can you choose to believe in something?

‘Gentle’ Quebec man who slapped teen daughter to death after she failed to finish chores gets 60 days in jail →

A man beat a child to death, but did he kill her, or was it, THE WILL OF GOD?

“I lost my daughter, but it was the will of God,” Sidime told Quebec Court Judge Richard Marleau. “I am not violent.”

Oh, he must be a good-at-heart man, not a violent monster. He shouldn’t spend the rest of his life in jail for child abuse and murder because he believes in God! Let’s give him 2 months instead!

Oklahoma to pay over $300,000 in fees as 'anti-sharia' amendment found unconstitutional →

bwahahahaaha, looks like their needless exercise in scare mongering is gonna cost the nuttiest state in our union.

Feds reveal Boston bomb suspect's hide-out note →

Today in ‘The Ugly Things You Can Justify When You Believe in God’

The surviving Boston bomber coward hides under his god’s skirt.

'God has a plan for each person, mine was to hide in this boat and shed some light on our actions'

Oh, really, you little shit? This was all God’s plan? It wasn’t your big brother’s obvious sexual frustration and poorly executed mania? It was God’s plan to murder a little child, you were just the messenger of what god wanted? To punish the Boston marathon for not being Muslim enough?

Whatever, I hope you fucking suffer.

Ceremonial prayer is but a recognition that, since this nation was founded and until the present day, many Americans deem that their own existence must be understood by precepts far beyond the authority of government.
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, in the court’s majority. The Supreme Court upholds legislative prayer at council meetings. (via washingtonpost)

This is fucking ridiculous, why can’t people in government just carry out the business of governing? You don’t see successful Wall Street firms spending time debating who the highest power is. You don’t see employees of major chains forced to talk about ‘spiritual’ issues before unlocking the loading bay. Why must these motherfuckers use out time that we’re paying for to hoist this upon us?

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Dad told police 'I'm at peace' after leaving tot to die →

I’m not saying this guy killed his daughter because of The Bible. Clearly, he’s not of sound mind, but I find it interesting that he was able to rationalize murdering his daughter by being “at peace with god.”

From USAToday:

Arthur Morgan III told his daughter, Tierra, that he loved her.
He gave her a kiss.

He placed the 21/2-year-old in a stream in Shark River Park in

And then he walked away.

Morgan, 29, who was homeless but whose last known address was in Eatontown, never denied placing his daughter in the stream, where her body was found the next day, strapped in a car seat that had been weighed down with a metal car jack attached to it.

But he claimed he blacked out and couldn’t remember whether he threw the child in the car seat off of a bridge and into the stream or if he walked down through some woods and placed her there.

He did explain how he attached the car jack to the baby’s car seat to weigh it down “like a ball and chain,” but he refused to acknowledge it was inevitable she would die as a result.

"When I left Tierra, Tierra was alive," Morgan told detectives.

“I’ve slept for about as long as I’ve been in that cell,” he said on the videotape. “Only because now I’m at peace. I’m a God-fearing man. I know my daughter is in heaven.”

Then, Morgan quoted a passage from the Bible.

"There’s a scripture, Matthew, 19:14. It says, ‘Let the little children come to me. Do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven is for thee,’" Morgan said.

Why do you identify as atheist, not agnostic?


I’ve actually gone back and forth between the two a lot over the last few years. I’m probably more agnostic but leaning towards atheism than theism.

The misconception is the term ‘agnostic’ lives on. Folks, ‘agnostic’ is not some halfway point between belief and not belief. Heck, ‘belief’ and ‘not belief’ aren’t even polar opposites. I don’t have a belief in a god, therefore, I’m an atheist. That’s not to say I believe there is no god (although if I did, I’d still be an atheist).

Basically, if you’re anything other than convinced there is a god, you’re an atheist.

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