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The scariest thing I see as a former Muslim is when I see other Muslims who cry when they recite the Quran, it is so frightening to see how easily they have been brainwashed and put into an absolute non stop state of fear.



Yup, I also find it frightening when they tell their children that they will burn for eternity just for thinking that there is no god, when they self flagellate, take honour in having their sons become martyrs, and when they literally spend hours a day at Islamic shrines praying, thinking that somehow the laws of the universe are going to change because they keep repeating a bunch of nonsense written in a book 1400 years ago.

What makes the asker think it was easy, I wonder. It’s not that easy to manipulate people on this level. You have to get them when they’re either very young or in a very vulnerable emotional place. That’s why religious education is primarily for children and people looking to rehabilitate or people in times of crisis. That’s called a captive audience and Islam, Christianity, Scientology and others have perfected the art of marketing to them.

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Why do you identify as atheist, not agnostic?


I’ve actually gone back and forth between the two a lot over the last few years. I’m probably more agnostic but leaning towards atheism than theism.

The misconception is the term ‘agnostic’ lives on. Folks, ‘agnostic’ is not some halfway point between belief and not belief. Heck, ‘belief’ and ‘not belief’ aren’t even polar opposites. I don’t have a belief in a god, therefore, I’m an atheist. That’s not to say I believe there is no god (although if I did, I’d still be an atheist).

Basically, if you’re anything other than convinced there is a god, you’re an atheist.

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😅 #atheism #atheist #logic #reasoning #atheists #spidy #spidey by scumphi

There’s an independent thinker for ya. Independent of reason and intelligence that is!


😅 #atheism #atheist #logic #reasoning #atheists #spidy #spidey by scumphi

There’s an independent thinker for ya. Independent of reason and intelligence that is!

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You realize what a son of a bitch you are, right? You think you can just reblog some girls post about being a Christian and a lesbian and tell her she can never have sex? And you think that atheists are your big problem? Fuck you. From every angle, fuck your stupid face.



And we see, ladies and gentleman, the very hate Christ predicted being hurled.  I am a “son of a bitch” because I held to the biblical truth of sexual morality.  This person glosses over the fact that I believe gays and lesbians are perfectly welcome in church, and as christians.

That is glossed over and the person HATES me because I did not lie about the words of the bible.  

Keep on hating, you only prove my bible to be true.

lol, martyr complex, much?

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Pat Robertson: Atheist women were likely raped, and that’s why they reject Jesus | The Raw Story →

Ye Olde Rage Against The Heavens Atheist trope.

Nearly as old this ancient Huckster himself.

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So there was this Christian group in the atrium at my school, and they had all these signs posted everywhere with blank sticky notes to write your thoughts and opinions on. Someone wrote “Man created god, not the other way around,0 and my friend Kyle and I drew arrows to it and said “I agree.” And…

What does this religion do to people? It makes them forget their humanity in favor of this kind of bubbling aggression.

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Young girl removed from Christian school after being chastised for dressing like a tomboy (To read the story, click image or here; Found at Slog; For a related post, click here



Young girl removed from Christian school after being chastised for dressing like a tomboy (To read the story, click image or here; Found at Slog; For a related post, click here


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So, you understand the science behind the formation of the universe, but you think the Norse gods are real? Yeah, ok...


I actually have no clue if they’re real, pal. However, I take religions as having a moral code to look up to. Gods are role models. The Christian God is not for me. But I look up to the Norse gods as role models. They’re real to me, and that’s all they need to be.

Also, I didn’t say I understand the science behind the formation of the universe. But scientists are definitely closer to understanding it than you or me. It is foolish to assume I have more knowledge of the formation of the universe when the most I do that relates to the cosmos is watch an embarrassing amount of Star Trek.

And might I say how rude of you to insult my faith. A religion with one follower is just as valid as a religion with a million followers. Having more followers doesn’t prove a religion to be better. They just have a better sales pitch.

I agree with your last point, although I may phrase it “a religion with few followers is equally as ridiculous as a religion with many followers.”

To your other points, I must have been confused by you saying you understood the science behind the formation if the universe. Just like I’m confused about you saying the Norse gods are ‘real to you’ and also that they are just models to base your life on. I mean, you could base your morality on your favorite student at Hogwarts, but that doesn’t make it reasonable to believe it’s a real place even if the morality you get from it is real. Also, I don’t give a fuck about being rude, I prefer the truth.

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Basically the reason I believe in Bigfoot is because of science. We can never know one way it another, because Bigfoot may be able to be invisible and float. Since we don't know the nature of Bigfoot, anything is possible, even the unpossible. Even my friends who don't believe in Bigfoot can't prove there is no Bigfoot They Can't! Since we have no evidence invisible floating Bigfoot isn't real, we must conclude he is real, which we also have no evidence of. Right?


Not only is this incoherent as satire, but it’s also disrespectful and rude to theists.

I thought it worked pretty well. I got in my Ralph Wiggum terminology, you recognized it as satire, it hit all the same limp points your argument about god hit. How exactly does it fail? And what’s rude about it? Is that another thing you’re unable to prove? Or was it rude of me to make you think harder about what you said?

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Film Scholar Rjinder Dudrah On 'Noah' And The Perils Of : NPR →

Muslims, Christians, atheists, movie fans, hate this movie. Finally, something has brought us all together!