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Another Godless Goddess: Mom Gets Probation After Bible Inspired Botched Circumcision →

A 30-year-old Portland woman who botched a home circumcision of her 3-month-old son has been sentenced to five years of probation.

Keemonta Peterson was arrested last April after a lengthy investigation into the October 2010 incident. Peterson, inspired after reading the Old Testament, decided…

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Source : The Huffington Post

Another Godless Goddess: Montreal Police Investigate Alleged Threats Made Against Atheists →

Following a deluge of thousands of complaints from around the world, Montreal police have launched an investigation into a St. Laurent man accused of making hundreds, if not thousands of deadly threats.

The man is believed to be Dennis Markuze, but uses a variety of pseudonyms when online,…

Here’s a classic Good Reason News post with a typical comment from Dennis Markuze. It’s a pretty obscure read, meaning I don’t know what the fuck he was talking about.

you little liars do nothing but antagonize…

and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity…

but you LOST…

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Another Godless Goddess: Who Built the Pyramids? →


Not the slaves that were emancipated by Moses, like the Bible says.

Contrary to some popular depictions, the pyramid builders were not slaves or foreigners. Excavated skeletons show that they were Egyptians who lived in villages developed and overseen by the pharaoh’s supervisors.


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Source : National Geographic

Doubting Marcus: 100 Followers →


I reached a 100 followers last night… With practically no-self promotion, to my knowledge I have only one follower from my offline life, that means it has been almost entirely because of your reblogging, likes and word of mouth that I have gained any popularity.

Thanks to everybody that follows me, I hope you all have enjoyed my thoughts and links over these past 2 months.

In celebration of reaching this mark I’d like to direct you to a few of my favorite tumblrs on skepticism, science and atheism (in no order). If you aren’t following these people already you should be:

atheistbiblestudy - The title says a lot but really this is a blog which I think every atheist and Christian on tumblr should be following. It addresses the famous stories of the bible in order with great knowledge and insight but minus the apologetics.

IH8Religion - Religion is taken down several notches with many proudly blasphemous images, many follower submissions, contests to win free stuff and plenty of hate mail addressed.

helvetebrann - A great advocate of reason mixing both the political implications of religion and faith with great profiles of famous skeptics and support for science.

jtotheizzoe - Great science news, links and plenty of interaction from followers from an actual biologist.

an-ominous-atheist - A mix of confrontations, insight and comments from this wonderful skeptic.

sciencecenter - I think their description says it best “Dedicated to defending scientific integrity, combating misinformation and sharing (their) love of science.”

goodreasonnews - Liberal politics and atheism blend seamlessly into a wonderful ball of All GLORY TO GOOD REASON NEWS! Seriously, it’s a nice mix of news stories with implicit or explicit religious motivation behind them and plenty of arguing with people who post offensive and ludicrous stuff here on tumblr.

hatefulatheist - Great interaction with followers and questioners spliced with some nice videos and pics from one atheist who hates religion.

undergroundskeptic - A privately closeted atheist speaks freely about their nonbelief and the awkward situations that they encounter as a result of that and some thoughts on biblical scholarship.

stfubelievers - Largely a collection of facebook status screen captures with comments but it is not only a reminder of the overwhelming religiosity that still pervades young culture it is kind of a personal inspiration for me to advocate reason when seeing just how poor so many people are at it.

fuckyeahnebulas - If you just want some awe inspiring shots of the universe on your dash.

So thanks again for following me and please don’t be offended if you didn’t make this short list (I could have listed many more). And if you think others may enjoy my blog, feel free to refer them.


I am so honored by this description. I reminds me that no matt….ALL GLORY TO DOUBTING MARCUS!

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