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How Ron Paul polls against Barack Obama.

How Ron Paul polls against Barack Obama.

"Hey queer: Why don’t ya go vote for Obama, ya homo!" — Newt Gingrich…pretty much

The president is a member of the 1%

Mitt Romney

I nominate this for most ironic, Orwellian, shamelessly opportunistic comment of the year.

How do you find peace when you continue to teach your children hatred?

Michele Bachmann 

Yes, how do you find peace Bachmann? How do you find peace when people like you are teaching their children to hate people that are different, whether it’s individuals that aren’t Christian or people that are LGBT?

How much more hypocritical could she get?

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Even the experts don’t know, evidently.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry Defends his “Strong” ad by proving once again how stupid, homophobic, and delusional he really is. He’s like a walking nightmare of Christian Conservative cliches.

Let me break this down for y’all. What I’m going to do is translate Rick Perry’s politi-talk, which anyone can see he’s not very good at, into regular English.

Interviewer: What is President Obama’s “war on religion.”

Rick Perry (0:03-0:39): President Obama hates religion, he wants to take their money away (requested evidence or specific example not provided)

(0:39-0:53): Did I mention that I am a Christian?

(0:53-1:08) Loosely Christian sounding incoherent rambling eats up time while making me look good to dumbasses who vote for most Jesusy candidate (includes the phrase ‘drampled ubon’). Also, I heard Obama hates Christmas, just sayin’

Question (1:08-1:11) Does the separation of church and state mean anything to you (you brainless fartknocker)?


Question (1:18-1:20): What in the living fuck are you talking about right now?

Rick Perry (1:20-1:31): Well, if one judge in San Antonio (a city in the state where I am, in actual fact, the governor) said that Christians can’t force everyone at a public school to pray to their god than the President of the United States must be…wait for it….SATAN!

Question (1:32-1:34): Are you able to go to potty all by yourself?

Rick Perry:(1:34-1:52): Did you know that Obama sneaks into people’s houses at night and wrecks up the place? He also physically peels back the hands of children attempting to pray at their bedsides. It’s all true!

Question (1:53-1:55) President Obama just lit the National Christmas tree. He’s singing songs and all that Jazz. So, like, any wiggle room there?

Rick Perry: (2:03-2:25) Good for him, but the Catholic bishops, you know the ones, I made them up earlier. Yeah, “they” don’t like Obama, so that must mean Obama is at literal war. Also, Imma about to take my ball and go home and then NO ONE CAN PLAY!

Question (2:25-2:38): Yeah, but we shouldn’t be giving money to people who discriminate, right?

Rick Perry (2:38-2:57): It’s called America, pussy. What’re you, some fag?

Question (2:58-3:00): Let’s see if I can ask that again and get a less stupid answer.

Rick Perry (3:00-3:12): First off, I’m going to equate federal funding with first amendment rights and second, these are not the droids you’re looking for.

Question (3:12-3:15): Look, you goddamn hillbilly, you don’t have access to the force, so answer the question right.

Rick Perry (3:15-3:34) Well that logically brings us to abortion. They should be able to be anti-choice if they want. Wait…I MEAN PRO-LIFE. DO OVER, HOLY FUCK, I ACCIDENTALLY SAID IT RIGHT!

Question: (3:34-3:41) So, bringing it back to what we’re talking about, you hate gay people, right?

Rick Perry (3:41-4:00) Absolutely. I told you I was a Christian, right? Didn’t you see my ad?

(4:00-4:27) Hey, also, did you notice that all Obama ever does when it comes to the military is promote homos? What gives there? Like, OK, nevermind all that liberal media noise about Bin Laden and killing or capturing 22 of 30 al-Qaida leaders and all the other military successes of the last four years, what really matters is queens are going to look at our ding dongs in the shower and my UNIT COHESIVENESS just can’t measure up.

Question (4:27-4:31) Yea, OK, but U Rong Doe, lol.

Rick Perry: (4:32-5:08) Do you understand that we’re talking about fags here? Are you even paying attention? These queermosexuals are literally stealing money from the army according to this strategically placed insinuation I’m making.

America: Dear world, we’re really really sorry, this guy, I mean, he is with us, technically, but we had no idea he was gonna be such a douche. Our friend Texas vouched for him and we should really know better cause Texas’ friends ruin everything, we promise we’re going to make it up to you, OK? We made it up to you after that other guy Texas brought ruined your party like 12 years ago (and then again like 7 years ago) but please, don’t hate us again.

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Someone asked me what I had against Ron Paul




So I actually went and did some research.

Seriously, that guy is fucking insane. Rest assured that if he gets elected, even less with get done.

Abortion will also likely be illegal, the immigration issue will become extremely violent, and our tax dollars will be generated from somewhere unbeknownst to me.

 He would leave abortion up the states. He would end wars and LOWER government spending, so LESS taxes.

Great research.

I got my info from I know they weren’t exactly his words, but they claimed to be his standpoints.

Do you really think that anyone could “end wars” for America? I mean, it sounds great, but good luck getting it done. Have you seen the way this country works?

Don’t listen to any jackanape who thinks Ron Paul is going to swing into office and end wars, hand out joints and fix income inequality. Libertarianism is the ideology of giving in to corporate hostage takers. His lowered taxes involve ending the capital gains tax. In other words, THE RICH GET RICHER, because it’s assumed in libertarian thinking that every rich person worked so hard for the money all by their lonesome and everyone in America starts out on equal footing and has access to the same opportunities. So whether you’re the unexpected daughter of a crack-addicted inner-city single mother or the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, you’re all born with the same access to the same opportunities and by golly it’s gumption and hard work that brought that heir to a fortune to Harvard business school and he worked his way up from COO to Vice President all by himself. No one can take that away from him and he doesn’t owe the society that made his life possible a red penny!

Ron Paul would end wars? Lets get honest, here. Barack Obama is ending the war in Iraq as we speak. Troops are returning home. I wish we could withdraw troops from everywhere in the world and just worry about what’s going on on our continent and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, but I realize there’s a little more to military strategy than that. Do I think we should pull out of Afghanistan immediately? I’m leaning toward yes, but I just don’t trust Paul to be the one to do it. How do we know this isn’t the same scam as his marijuana policy? Oh, you all do know what he means when he says “legalize drugs,” right? It’s not like you’re going to be living in some weed wonderland where you can light a joint up at work and blaze through the day like you always dreamed. Paul would hand the reins over to, who else, big business. And what big business do you think is going to be best at marketing smoking goods? The one’s who already do! You want to buy your pot from Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, after knowing that they intentionally add toxic additives to and increase nicotine levels in cigarettes to intentionally get people addicted. And in Paul’s libertarian world of no regulation how in the fuck are we ever to know whether the weed we’re buying from these companies is full of similar additives. I guarantee you what you’re smoking now is safer than what these bastards will end up doing to it. Corporate weed, man, can’t you just picture it? And that’s not all, either. Paul wants to put all drugs and indigestible, unpasturaized milk, on the market.

And Paul claims he would “leave abortion and marriage rights up to the states.” I have to call so much bullshit on this one that I actually just took a shit and collected it in a paper bag for future leaving-it-on-your-doorstep-lighting-it-on-fire-ringing-the-bell-and-running-so-that-when-you-open-the-door-and-stomp-it-out-you-get-my-shit-on-your-feet.

Abortion, as is known by anyone with any concept of history, was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court of The United States. It wasn’t legalized by Roe V. Wade, it was declared constitutional. That means the system of checks and balances this country was founded upon has reviewed the subject and declared that liberty is granted to all citizens by the United States constitution. No president can just come swashbuckling in and strike that down, that’s not how the fucking system works, King Paul, you don’t get to make a goddamn decree, the president doesn’t make laws, he OBEYS them. Get it straight, motherfucker, you’re running to work for us, not to run us. And here’s the other thing: While he may claim he wants states to decide on this or that, he has voted in favor of a FEDERAL BAN ON ALLOWING STATES TO LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE. Why would a libertarian want to use the federal government in this way, you ask? Is it because he’s a secret bigot who published a racist and homophobic newsletter in the 90’s calling Martin Luther King Day “Hate Whitey Day” after voting against it and equates gay rights to terrorism? Well, he did do that, but I think can be summed up in three words: HE’S A HYPOCRITE!

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I’m not going to kiss his [Trump’s] ring and I’m not going to kiss any other part of his anatomy. This is exactly what is wrong with politics. It’s show business over substance.
Jon Huntsman, least bombastic shitlicker running for the GOP ticket.


Audience is booing question about Herman Cain’s sexual harassment charges. Not Herman Cain’s sexual harassment charges.

Audience is booing question about Herman Cain’s sexual harassment charges. Not Herman Cain’s sexual harassment charges.