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I am really disappointed in my own mother.

I come from a super conservative christian family (aka my mom) and today we were getting help from “missionaries” in order to move out the old furniture and build the new couches (finally, that old couch was broken to hell and back).

And my mom was…

She comes from a background that dictates antiquated, chauvinistic social mores with an iron fist, and one that’s especially strict toward women and their bodies. She sees the church as her authority in life, so in the home, where she is your authority she imitates the church’s style by standing on your throat the way it stands on hers.

She embraced that oppression. You don’t have to.

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Okay, I get atheism (and anti christianism to an extent (but don’t really agree with it)) but now there are people claiming Jesus wasn’t real and like???? What the balls???

Do you have any good reason or evidence that suggests Jesus really existed? What would it even mean for Jesus to have existed? Would it mean that the real Jesus really did the things in the Bible or would it mean he only ‘inspired’ those stories? If so, how much of the Bible needs to be true and how much can be ‘inspired by’ before The ‘real’ Jesus and the Jesus in the book are too dissimilar to be called the same character?

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Christians, authors debate role of submissive wife →

Apparently, humanity toward women is up for debate in certain Christian circles.


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Some apologists actually think the accurate translation isn’t ‘cut off her hand,’ because that kind of “punishment by mutilation is inconsistent with the Bible.” The accurate translation, they say, is ‘to shave off her pubic hair.’ Cause that’s not mutilation, right guys?Look, here’s an article about it: job, Bible!


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Some apologists actually think the accurate translation isn’t ‘cut off her hand,’ because that kind of “punishment by mutilation is inconsistent with the Bible.” The accurate translation, they say, is ‘to shave off her pubic hair.’ Cause that’s not mutilation, right guys?

Look, here’s an article about it:

Great job, Bible!

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Good news: I finally found a scholarship for atheists

Bad news: I have to explain how I am an activist for atheism


Sorry I was too busy being concerned with real issues like feminism and racism to care if we take “under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance????

Religion is a driver in oppressing women and minorities. Religion creates insular communities with arbitrary rules. Fighting for women and racial minorities is an effort to tear down the walls religion has built. You’re advocating for an open community that embraces diversity and equality and shuns segregation and traditional values.

I’d say that’s being active in atheism. There’s much more at stake than ‘under god’ in the pledge.

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How business went 'DEFCON 1' in Arizona - Alexander Burns and MJ Lee - →

Religion and capitalism are certainly two of the biggest evils in our culture, but this article does a good job of showing why religion is really much worse. Business may be stubborn and greedy and manipulative, but at least when the culture changes, it eventually has to change with us. You can influence business with politics and protests and public shaming. Business is only successful because we participate in it an if you wanted to stop being a Penny’s family and start being a Sears family it wouldn’t really say much about who you are as a person.

Religion has no responsibility to you, filthy commoners. Religion is the master and it doesn’t change as society changes. It doesn’t grow or adapt, it plants it’s roots and calls itself a moral foundation. Everything about the language is sedentary. Religion seeks to change you and of religious fundamentalists don’t like the way culture is leaning, they dot adapt, they throw a tantrum as seen in Arizona. And if you want to go from being a Catholic to being a Mormon, that’s no easy transition. Your personal identity is wrapped up in being a Catholic. You’ll lose friends, people will think less of you, they’ll think something is wrong with you or that you’re setting yourself up for certain doom. They never say that about buying a pair of pants at the wrong store.

Conservatives Boot American Atheists From Booth At Conference →

CPAC aren’t interested in a big tent after all.

Transgender woman stands up to Arizona religion law →

Guys, if their religion is to discriminate against people of transgender experience, we have to just respect their beliefs and not hold them to any standard of evidence. That’s what’s offensive here, the idea that they don’t get to steamroll over the entirety of culture with their religious delusions.

Reagan’s Christian revolt: How conservatives hijacked American religion - →

Once upon a time, America’s religious communities were politically moderate. Then along came the evangelicals

Pa. couple face prison after sons' prayer deaths - Nation Wires - →

Faith-healing couple in Philadelphia is facing 20 years for killing their second child because they refused to get medical help. Their defense? Why, it’s religion of course! They believed it was god’s will and two children are now dead. There’s your harm right there. You have access to a perfectly good medical system, but you ignore it becomes you’re convinced and magical sky ghost will wish your kids well and if he doesn’t, thems the breaks, right? Sorry, jerkbags, that’s not the society we live in and you’re not allowed to use your religion to bring children harm.

Should the parents get sentenced, of course. I think the church should be investigated too.