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“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (NIV 1 Corinthians 1:18) We see what this verse tells us everyday. People look at us as foolish, even though they are perishing.

Well, this amounts to nothing more than name calling. Real mature for the supposed divine creator.

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Our Purpose Part II


Some people

Who you calling “some people?”

reblogged my original Purpose post. They didn’t understand obviously because they said, “What if that child cures cancer.” What purpose is there in curing cancer if we all die anyway and there is no God?

People wouldn’t have to have cancer. They could enjoy a cancer-free life with their loved ones before they die anyway and there is no god.

There is no point in saving lives if their is no God.


And yes there is. Living is fun and I want to live. Life is where all the best stuff happens. Have you heard the albums Jimi Hendrix recorded after he died? They’re terrible! He clearly was at his creative peak between the time he was born and the time he died. Why isn’t enjoying life and wanting to prolong it enough? Why do I need to follow it up with some magical trip to never never land?

You live and you die in a world with no God.

Yeah! That’s what I’m saying, and it’s OK.

A world with God you are dead, born again, and then given an eternal life.

Depending on which particular god myth you believe for no good reason because there’s no evidence for it. Your desire to live forever can’t make it so.

Also we don’t have our children glorify us because we are not perfect and technically we indirectly made them if God exists.

Nah, son, children are made using your junk. It involves a lot of stickiness. Also, you missed the point of my analogy. Why would a god need constant praise, why would that be something that a god would desire? He’s already a god, he’s got limitless powers. He could play any Super Nintendo game he wants and his console never farts out, no matter how old it is. He never even has to blow on the game. Why would he have needs or desires at all? If you were the most powerful entity in any dimension, how could you want for anything?

God is perfect though and he formed us and gave us our life. Why would we not praise his gracious name?

If he was perfect and he created us, you’d think he’d have gotten a better result.

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I do not believe in evolution.


There, did I get your attention? Now, I ask you to pause in writing your response calling me a bible toting, science hating moron and at least hear what I have to say. 

ugh, really? The first thing was so stupid though. What are the chances the next thing won’t be equally as stupid?

Now, in order to prove that humans have come into existence by evolution,

NOT what the evolutionary science proposes, of course.

you would first need to explain how the universe came into existence.

That’s a completely invalid premise because it’s a non-sequitur.

The leading explanation now is the so called “Big Bang theory”. This assumption is as utterly simple as its name. 

Utterly simple? Let’s all take a minute to laugh at this girl.

Basically, the theory is that the entire universe created itself out of nothing,

No it isn’t, I’d explain it, but it’s a little too complex to explain in a post. I recommend going to a public library and looking up “all of science” and then coming back and talking about this before you end up looking like someone stupid enough to say…

an utterly ludicrous claim.


As Dr. John Lennox (Professor in Mathematics at Oxford University) said, “If I say “X creates X,” I presuppose the existence of X in order to account for the existence of X. To presuppose the existence of the universe to account for its existence is logically incoherent. Or put simply; “From nothing, nothing comes!” or “No-thing cannot do anything!” 

So, an outside creator is the only logical explanation

That’s the argument from ignorance. You don’t know X, therefor it must have come from Y. (By the way, Y came from Y, DON’T QUESTION IT, THAT’S BLASPHEMY, IT’S MY OPINION HAVE RESPECT! I heard it all before sister.)

To argue for evolution, you also must explain how the first living cell came into existence.

No you don’t. That’s like saying to argue your cat had kittens you must first explain the entire gestation process of cats.

As we know, living things never arise from non living things.

ehhh….that’s a pretty gray area, but you clearly have a very narrow mind, so I’m just gonna laugh at you again because it’s a waste of time to explain to you how complex this assertion is.

Evolution requires non living organisms to be turned into living organisms,

No, it doesn’t, you don’t know what evolution is.

something that has never been observed.

Yeah, it actually kinda has. Like I said, try science, kid.

So, the only logical explanation for how life came into existence in the first place is that of an outside intelligence, or a divine creator.  

Go to wikipedia and look up “Argument From Ignorance.”

Now I could go on for hours about the actual theory that humans evolved to the way we are over time,

I strongly doubt that. If you want, we can organize a phone conversation and I’ll tape it and post it online and we’ll see if it actually lasts hours or, more likely, about a minute or two.

but I think I have stated enough evidence that without a divine creator, we would not exist in the first place. 

You haven’t posted any evidence, you just made a bunch of ill-informed assertions.


What bothers me is the fact that anyone who is opposed to the theory of evolution is written off as a nut job.

No, some of you are just plain stupid.

Creationism is called a “biblical myth” in our textbooks,

I doubt that.

and the ironic thing is that people who believe in are  told “not to force their beliefs on others”, shortly before being denied any rational debate or discussion.

This debate is over. You want to have it? Travel back to the 1930s.

I see evolution as having been forced on people for so long that they accepted it. And repeating something untrue does not make it any more true.

So, all the scientific consensus on evolution is worthless because you can’t understand it? Come off it.


well this is what i meant to post originally…glad someone knows how to work a computer besides me ha

What Christians actually believe. Great job, whoever did this.

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Presenting the stupidest anti-gay-marriage article in world history, part 1 →



Those who know me know I don’t like my parents all that much because of the restrictions they place on me. I understand if some people think this is just a teen being angst-y.

But I’m going to quote one of the Christian magazines my family received yesterday. (This is from the “Parents’ Corner” section of “Answers in Genesis” if anybody is wondering.

“Some [children and teens] are falling into the fire and must be helped. “Save others, snatching them out of the fire” (Jude 23a, NASB)

Until some kids are eighteen, you have the opportunity to place as many restraints and reminders in their paths as you can. They may hate you for it at the time, but they will thank you later. Don’t be afraid to lovingly limit their entertainment, filter twit computers, or question the foolishness of their friends. Our fear of God and our love for our kids should motivate us to rescue them from even the possibility of God’s judgement.”

I’m going to let you dwell on the first part of that paragraph. “Until kids are eighteen, you have the opportunity to put as many restraints on them […] as you can.”

What’s the consensus on that statement? Im a little freaked out by what my parents are reading. Should I be “filtering” their media or “question the foolishness” of their sources of advice?

This is what I mean when I talk about how these religious groups like Ken Ham’s Tax Dodgers and Focused on YOUR Family teach people to abuse their children.

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A lot of you may have been hearing about the Olympic Park Bombings lately

I thought I might take this opportunity to explain the 1996 bombing in Atlanta to younger readers who may not be familiar. The story goes like this: Richard Jewell was a police officer, but on this day he was working for a private security firm. He discovered the bomb. He alerted the police. He personally escorted people to safety. There’s no telling how many lives he saved. Two were killed. When the police were investigating, they naturally had to consider him a suspect like they would consider anyone in his position a a suspect. However, it somehow leaked that the FBI were investigating him. It was routine, but that wasn’t noted in the media reports, which indicted this guy immediately although no official charges were brought. His name remains synonymous with the incident to this day.

MEANWHILE, the actual bomber, Eric Rudolph, a right-wing white-nationalist, Christian fundamentalist who ranted about hating abortion and homosexuals and socialism and even John Lennon, would go on to murder many more, bombing two abortion clinics and a lesbian bar. He’s been lauded as a hero in the Christian terror/anti-abortion movement. He’s serving 4 consecutive life sentences.

Richard Jewell was honored by the city of Atlanta in 2006, a year after Rudolph plead guilty. Jewell died the next year of heart disease at age 44.


Maybe he should have tried running with scissors instead.
The Humanist Post
Free Your Mind

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m actually glad this fucker died this way. Now all the victims of this scam have an example of the consequences of this particular brand of animal abuse faith healing.


Maybe he should have tried running with scissors instead.

The Humanist Post

Free Your Mind


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m actually glad this fucker died this way. Now all the victims of this scam have an example of the consequences of this particular brand of animal abuse faith healing.

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The right-wing media is horrified that anti-discrimination laws are being used to protect the rights of same-sex couples. That’s just anti-Christian! 

Bryan Fischer ^^


The right-wing media is horrified that anti-discrimination laws are being used to protect the rights of same-sex couples. That’s just anti-Christian! 

Bryan Fischer ^^

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I would point out that if you’re a believer in the Bible, one would have to say the Great Flood is an example of climate change.
Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) explaining a ‘divergence of evidence’ on global warming.  (via officialssay)
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