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Good Reason News: A reminder to the good tumblr Apologists: Don’t let atheists force their flawed biblical interpretations



You have failed to objectively prove your notion of “good.”

What proves your notion of Good? Your feelings don’t count.

All I see so far is your baseless opinion.  WHY are the things you call good…actually good?  What makes them good.

What makes YOU right, and someone who disagrees with you wrong? 

Loosely, I could say goodness is measured in benefits to society, but I’m not going to let you corner me on some sloppy, brief definition of “goodness.” People have written entire books about what they think goodness is. Here’s the REAL question, though: Is my inability to define goodness in a satisfactory way evidence for your position? I mean, it wouldn’t be too hard for you to demonstrate that I don’t know everything, but that certainly doesn’t lend any credibility to your holy book. I think deep down, you realize that, which is why you’re such a bitter reactionary fuck.

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I find atheists to be hypocritical they claim that there is no way that we could know that there is a God. Yet they claim that they know that there is no God which is also impossible to know.

No, dude. Just. No. First off, atheism as a position isn’t the positive claim that there are no gods, it’s the denial of the positive claim that there is. I don’t know there’s no god any more than I know there’s no bigfoot or loch ness monster or invisible pink unicorns, but I don’t believe there are any of those things until you show me reason to believe.

I feel that humans do not posses the knowledge that there is or is not a God and we may never obtain that knowledge.

Well, why the fuck not? We possess the knowledge that there is or is not other things that exist or, at least, we have the ability to discover it. What is it about God that can’t be discovered and why do you think you know anything about a thing you yourself just called undiscoverable?

I honestly agree with agnostics because they do not have a definite belief about God.

Well, that’s because you don’t fucking know what “agnostic” means. No surprise, really, you don’t really know what an atheist is either. See, you buy into this church-created lie that agnosticism is some half way point between theism and atheism. It is not. Imagine four quadrants of understanding; One labeled gnostic theism, another labeled agnostic theism, a third labeled gnostic atheism and a final one labeled agnostic atheism. You see, the word, gnosticism describes knowledge, not belief. The word theism describes belief. A gnostic theist says they know for a fact (according to them) that a god exists. An agnostic theist does not claim to know, but believes it is true.


I personally believe that there is a possibility that some type of God exists or hey maybe there is no god who knows.

You believe there’s a possibility? That’s not a belief that’s a cop out. Do you or do you not believe? How could you even believe in the possibility? I mean, I believe in the possibility of a bigfoot because all the things about the creature described exist in the real world. Mammals, walking up-right, living in the woods, two arms two legs, fur, it’s all very plausible. God, on the other hand, lives in magic death land and floats around playing telephone with kneeling Earthlings and such. None of that exists in the real world, doesn’t seem very ‘possible.’

I’m sure a lot of people would rather be hopeful and believe in heaven over rotting in the fucking ground.

Oh, so it just comes down to what you want? Well, I want to believe I can fly, but that’s not gonna be a good excuse when I leap from a fourth story window. In the meantime, you can waste your life begging an imaginary ghost and giving greedy institutions 10% of your income while I cherish the only life that I actually know I have.

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Privilege is a hard concept for you guys isn’t it





Woke up to this and decided to be the first person to comment on it.

This is not a new thing- I’ve heard atheists claiming this for years.

As though the intersection of non-belief and whiteness isn’t… oh I don’t know… the whole fucking atheist community basically. As though the justice system was an entity that operated without this whole other set of biases that are well-established throughout history.

Come on now

With respect, I have to say, I think it’s you who doesn’t understand. Allow me to explain your myriad of misinterpretations.

First: This comment about more Christians in jail than atheists is common. It is not designed to assert that atheism makes good people and Christianity makes criminals. It is, in fact, designed to combat the claim of the very opposite. You see, churches often cast atheists as immoral criminals who reject gods and the concept of sin just so we can indulge in violence and deception. The crime statistics put the lie to that Christian canard. In other words, that fact that morality has fuck-all do to with religion, is precisely the point. Religion doesn’t affect morality. Morality doesn’t come from any gods.

Second: The idea that churches offer a sandwich with one hand and force a Bible on you with the other, is a problem. They’re cultivating a captive audience. This technique of offering people Christianity at their weakest, most vulnerable moments is deliberate. People in desperate situations: the poor and hungry, the disadvantaged, those who have recently lost someone important to them, teens who were kicked out of their homes, these are all people in desperate need of what institutions like churches offer, but they don’t offer it out of altruism: it’s with dollar signs in their eyes. Anti-thiests aren’t admonishing the poor and desperate for being taken advantage of, the criticism is directed at the church.

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Let me just say, for the record, if you encounter a grieving secularist, atheist, or freethinker, and you knowingly try to push your God shit on that person, you are legitimately the worst scum of the universe. That’s kicking someone when they’re down, and you can go fuck yourself.

Every church does this, but I’ve never been one to shy away from calling them scum.

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How do I tell my mom I don’t believe in god? What’s worse is that I’m having a quinceñera… Basically the main point of a quinceñera is to get a “blessing” from the church and you have to go to CCD (church school basically) to do that. Then you have a big party, and it’s kinda costly. A lot of things are already paid for, and I can’t disappoint my whole family… I just, I don’t know what to do.

1) If you fear any kind of serious disruption of your life, such as being thrown out of your house or disowned or abused in anyway by anyone in your household, I suggest you just avoid the topic for the next three or four years until you’re out of the house and can support yourself. It totally sucks to have to lie for the sake of the older generations ridiculous traditions, but better that than put yourself in harm’s way.

2) If you really think this is a conversation you have to have with your mother and you don’t think you’ll face any kind of serious consequence remember this: Part of religion’s con is to convince people that the religion is part of their personality. It’s who they are. Religious institutions and a complicit society has conflated a person’s religion with their race and national heritage. It’s not that, but just about every Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Mormon and even Scientologist believe that it is. So, it’s likely your mother will take your rejection of the religious mythology as a rejection of her and your pronouncement of faithlessness as a denouncement of her as a mother and as a person. You would do well to address this concern before she has the chance to suspect it. Reassure her that she is, in fact, just as important to you as she ever was and that this decision isn’t about her. Tell her at your age you’re hoping you’ve earned the respect to make up your own mind about these issues and not do what, perhaps, her parents did to her, by pressuring her into something she doesn’t want to be a part of. Remind her why your relationship with her is special and how this decision won’t affect that.

3) Be open about your reasoning. If you can explain to her why you don’t believe in any gods, you can at least demonstrate that you’re thinking. She’ll likely try to change your mind and if you’re both up for keeping the discussion reasonable and civil, remember that the burden of proof is always on the person making the positive claim, that is, that something is true, and never on the person simply denying the claim. You don’t need to prove to her there’s no god, you just need to tell her you need it proved to you that there is.

4) Assure her that, if there is a god, it will know exactly how to convince you and will do it in its own time in its own way, but until then, you’re not buying in so easily.

Good luck, remember you have internet friends.

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Dear ” RUDE” atheists,
To the ones who enjoy ridiculing other Christians and the religion and it’s followers as a whole. That’s unfair. Not every Christian is the same or every atheist. So even if you don’t agree with something I say please don’t resort to insulting my religion or making fun of my God. Especially if I respect your beliefs the least you can do is respect mines.

Asking people to keep their mouths and minds shut because you might get offended isn’t exactly respectful. I don’t need the kind of respect that silences someone. If you want to disrespect atheism I suggest you find out what atheism is, find the flaw with it and feel free to expose it as disrespectfully as you like.

If you wanted people to stop making fun of your beliefs, maybe you should have found less hilarious things to believe.

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Hi! I’m not here on a hateful note. I do want to tell all of you that God loves you. He will never give up on you.
Which one? How do you know?
No matter what your sufferings/feelings are. He is there.
Why do you think I’m suffering or have some kind of feelings about it? I’m perfectly happy and the fact that there is no god has really almost nothing to do with how I feel.
One day you will call upon Him in need.
One day you can call upon superman in need too, but he ain’t coming, kid. There ain’t no superman and there ain’t no god.
He will be there regardless. His door is always open. Never forget that you were created in His image. God bless you, my prayers are with you. 

You do know what you sound like don’t you?

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These Atheist Groups can be so silly and stupid sometimes.

But other times they can be awesome as fuck, like this time, for instance.

Especially the Atheist group leader David Silverman. I don’t understand why these groups exist.

They exist because Christo-fascists dominate nearly every aspect of American culture and a small percentage of people (mostly college graduates) are sick of pretending some bronze-age bedtime story is real or should influence our public policy.

There’s only an extent where Atheist A and Atheist B will have in common. This case it’s a lack of a belief in a god or gods.

Yeah, you’re right. Not all atheists support the first amendment or fight for it, but I fucking do.

David Silverman likes to add extra shit to Atheism when it’s a real simple philosophy.

It’s not a philosophy. You just explained this yourself.

Also I’m sure people and especially Atheists are more than capable of speaking for themselves and don’t need a leader or spokesperson to talk for them.

These groups are designed to combat religion when it oversteps its bounds. That’s in my interest not as an atheist, but as an American. Are you an American?

I never really liked associating myself with any group of any kind, subject, sec, whatever. I prefer to be an individual over potentially compromising some of the things I believe or don’t believe in.

These Atheist Groups never take on a bigger picture, always protest complain for the little insignificant things. It’s like baby A complaining because baby B got a juice it wasn’t suppose to receive and Baby A wants the same kind or similar to it. Atheist groups aren’t suppose to stoop down to the same level as a religious group, they’re suppose to be above it. Like be the better person.

You think that having a religious document literally enshrined on the lawn of a secular, public establishment is insignificant? That’s the very definition of significance!

You think being a “better person” would be letting these corrupt and limitlessly powerful and wealthy institutions run ramshod over our secular society? I hope you never become a civil rights lawyer. “Yeah, Corporation X refuses to hire any minorities, but wouldn’t the minorities be the ‘bigger person’ if they don’t sue over it?”

Enjoy life as a doormat.

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people who say the world would be better off without religion are the same people who then complain about religious people forcing their beliefs onto to others

Um.  You’re right.  I totally fail to see the irony in this.  It seems totally consistent to say that the world is better off without religion and then complain about people forcing that religion on others.  Please ‘splain your thinking.

They’re attempting to force their lack of religion on others. That’s the ironic part. They are still forcing their beliefs on others.

Ah.  I understand.  This was just very poorly phrased on the OP’s part, then.  The keyword here, of course, is “force”.  Trying to get your religious beliefs put into public law would, in my view, constitute force.  Attempting to prevent this is not forcing a secular view.  You can believe whatever the heck you want.  Just keep it out of public policy.

uh, no OP, actually “saying” the world would be better without religion isn’t forcing anything. You however, are a fucking asshole for trying to bully people into silence. Abolitionists weren’t just as bad as slave owners because they were trying to “force their anti-slavery” on others. Poland isn’t just as bad as Nazi Germany for trying to “force their independence” on others.

Your little fence sitting worldview doesn’t help anything. Shut your fucking mouth if you think you can just equivocate every issue into obscurity. You’re not fooling anyone. We can all see you’re ignorance.

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