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List of people claimed to be Jesus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia →

One of my favorite Wikipedia pages. What makes people who believe Jesus is/was real based on faith not believe these people?

The movement away from God is also a journey. And in their journey, atheists can acquire, my friends included, certain problematic characteristics. They can, as the Qur’an tells us elsewhere, become arrogant (35:42-3, 39:59. 45:31) and insist that their path is the only true path and all else is irrational nonsense. They can become self-satisfied and engage in self-exaltation (27:14, 38:2), praising their own position sky high while denigrating, ridiculing or humiliating believers. They can, through political expediency or opportunism (35:42-43), try to privilege their own position in society. These and other similar characteristics gradually lead them to lose the ability to understand the very idea of religious truth. The ‘sealing’ of their hearts, as an act of God, is a product of the baggage they have picked up on their particular journey.

Ziauddin Sardar (2011) Reading the Qur’an: The Contemporary Relevance of the Sacred Text of Islam, Oxford Uni. Press, p. 76. (via abdullahbasaran)

Ad hom bullshit. Baggage I picked up? So the proposition here is that a god is real, but I can’t see it due to some tragic life event, described here the way I would describe ‘an actual education’ and ‘intellectual honesty.’ And I’m arrogant? What a crock of shit.

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Non-believers from devoutly religious families may find this conversation all too familiar. Unfortunately, exchanges like these happen every day, and the bonds of family are often stretched to the limits.

Interesting dramatization for atheists.


“I know people who became atheists after reading the bible”

Reading a english mistranslation with editing done by various and sundry scribes and whatnot this is very important I take your critical analysis very seriously tell me more

Oh, is there a language where The Bible doesn’t have any stories about supernatural creatures, events or “prophecies”?

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really though why are atheists so angry why the fuck do you care what other people believe in everyone needs to respect each other and mind their business

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Pluto's Gate to Hell uncovered in Turkey →

Please tell every Bible literalist who thinks the discovery of locations or characters from the Bible prove it true, that this discovery obviously then must prove every Greek myth true.

Atheist Student Questioned By Police For Being an Atheist →

…as I head to class my dad sends me a text, “Call me ASAP.” I do, only to find out that the police had been at our house looking for me. Two hours later they succeed and are waiting outside of my New Testament class. We talk, and agree that after I get my sandwich (there were only thirty minutes left in the meal period), I would come to the police station and allow them to question me.

The questioning was… interesting, to say the least. They started by asking why I felt it was not as big of a deal and from there went on to ask if I could give them names of five people that would be potentially capable of doing something like this. When I refused several times, the method changed to one person that I felt would be completely incapable of doing this. That would be everyone, so I again refused.

After this, they started asking about my involvement on campus. My two biggest involvements are with Secular Student Alliance at Presbyterian College and the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, so naturally they had to ask about those. Specifically how many members each group had, if I could give the names of any members, and fun questions as well, such as “Don’t you think it’s weird that as an atheist you go to Presbyterian College?” and “Are you a… homosexual?”…



You have become just as annoying as Christians. 

Stahp It

Your attempt to bully us into silence will not work. The harm religion imposes upon society is too great not to call out. If you think running a blog about it is “militant” that’s too fucking bad. Plunge your fingers in your ears and scream like a child if you’d rather not hear, but don’t think for a second telling us we’re “annoying” is going to prevent even one person from retiring their commitment to informing the public with the tools they need to abandon the power structures that were built on superstitions.

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I hope you don’t mind, but my interest in religion has been re-sparked and I had a question. Isn’t atheism as strong a stance as theism? What proof do we have of the former? Just as much proof as we do of the latter, imo. Also, to say there is absolutely no proof God exists is a little facetious because apparently, there is archaeological evidence supporting some events and historical claims in the religious scripture. Disclaimer: I’m agnostic.  ~  absolutelyunoriginal

Short answer: No.  :-)

LOOOooooNG answer: 

1)  Agnostic and atheist describe different things - agnostic/gnostic is about knowledge, atheist/theist is a belief in god.


2)  There is no proof of any type of deity.  There are CLAIMS of god in the Bible, the Qur’an, the [insert religious texts], but this is very different than “proof.”  Saying the Bible is proof of god would be like saying The Odyssey is proof of Zeus.  It’s just silly.

3)  Speaking of The Odyssey, there are many historical events and archeological evidence that some of the things described in the Odyssey actually occurred.  But no one then jumps to “and therefore gods,” right?  Same applies to the events described in the Bible or Qur’an or Torah.  They are great documents (historically speaking…literally, not so much). They share interpretations of events that happened at a turbulent time in history.  They offer claims of deities.  But no proof.

4)  So, since there is no proof of any type of deity, there is nothing to disprove.  Atheism is the natural state - nothing added.  There was a great image going around this weekend that illustrated this point perfectly (I reblogged it HERE).

5)  Saying “I’m an atheist” means, very simply, I do not see any evidence for a god or gods.  But it DOESN’T mean “I know everything,” and I think this is where people sometimes get hung up.  The world, this universe is full of mystery.  Of things we don’t understand. Of…MAGIC.

Because what is magic, really?  Something amazing or shocking that we haven’t figured out yet.  It’s only “magic” until we discover out how/why it occurred, but it can still be amazing and awe-inspiring.  And in every case, in every situation, something we considered “magic” has equaled a natural process or phenomenon, not a deity.

Hope this helps!  ~JJ

Everyone who doesn’t understand atheism needs to read this right now and commit to memory.

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"I was just talking about Christianity in that - a thing like you have to be tortured to attain heaven. I’m only saying that I was talking about ‘pain will lead to pleasure’ in ‘Girl’ and that was sort of the Catholic Christian concept - be tortured and then it’ll be all right, which seems to be a bit true but not in their concept of it. But I didn’t believe in that, that you have to be tortured to attain anything, it just so happens that you were.” — John Lennon