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Hi! I’m not here on a hateful note. I do want to tell all of you that God loves you. He will never give up on you.
Which one? How do you know?
No matter what your sufferings/feelings are. He is there.
Why do you think I’m suffering or have some kind of feelings about it? I’m perfectly happy and the fact that there is no god has really almost nothing to do with how I feel.
One day you will call upon Him in need.
One day you can call upon superman in need too, but he ain’t coming, kid. There ain’t no superman and there ain’t no god.
He will be there regardless. His door is always open. Never forget that you were created in His image. God bless you, my prayers are with you. 

You do know what you sound like don’t you?

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Atheists Unveil Monument Near Ten Commandments In Florida →


These Atheist Groups can be so silly and stupid sometimes.

But other times they can be awesome as fuck, like this time, for instance.

Especially the Atheist group leader David Silverman. I don’t understand why these groups exist.

They exist because Christo-fascists dominate nearly every aspect of American culture and a small percentage of people (mostly college graduates) are sick of pretending some bronze-age bedtime story is real or should influence our public policy.

There’s only an extent where Atheist A and Atheist B will have in common. This case it’s a lack of a belief in a god or gods.

Yeah, you’re right. Not all atheists support the first amendment or fight for it, but I fucking do.

David Silverman likes to add extra shit to Atheism when it’s a real simple philosophy.

It’s not a philosophy. You just explained this yourself.

Also I’m sure people and especially Atheists are more than capable of speaking for themselves and don’t need a leader or spokesperson to talk for them.

These groups are designed to combat religion when it oversteps its bounds. That’s in my interest not as an atheist, but as an American. Are you an American?

I never really liked associating myself with any group of any kind, subject, sec, whatever. I prefer to be an individual over potentially compromising some of the things I believe or don’t believe in.

These Atheist Groups never take on a bigger picture, always protest complain for the little insignificant things. It’s like baby A complaining because baby B got a juice it wasn’t suppose to receive and Baby A wants the same kind or similar to it. Atheist groups aren’t suppose to stoop down to the same level as a religious group, they’re suppose to be above it. Like be the better person.

You think that having a religious document literally enshrined on the lawn of a secular, public establishment is insignificant? That’s the very definition of significance!

You think being a “better person” would be letting these corrupt and limitlessly powerful and wealthy institutions run ramshod over our secular society? I hope you never become a civil rights lawyer. “Yeah, Corporation X refuses to hire any minorities, but wouldn’t the minorities be the ‘bigger person’ if they don’t sue over it?”

Enjoy life as a doormat.

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people who say the world would be better off without religion are the same people who then complain about religious people forcing their beliefs onto to others

Um.  You’re right.  I totally fail to see the irony in this.  It seems totally consistent to say that the world is better off without religion and then complain about people forcing that religion on others.  Please ‘splain your thinking.

They’re attempting to force their lack of religion on others. That’s the ironic part. They are still forcing their beliefs on others.

Ah.  I understand.  This was just very poorly phrased on the OP’s part, then.  The keyword here, of course, is “force”.  Trying to get your religious beliefs put into public law would, in my view, constitute force.  Attempting to prevent this is not forcing a secular view.  You can believe whatever the heck you want.  Just keep it out of public policy.

uh, no OP, actually “saying” the world would be better without religion isn’t forcing anything. You however, are a fucking asshole for trying to bully people into silence. Abolitionists weren’t just as bad as slave owners because they were trying to “force their anti-slavery” on others. Poland isn’t just as bad as Nazi Germany for trying to “force their independence” on others.

Your little fence sitting worldview doesn’t help anything. Shut your fucking mouth if you think you can just equivocate every issue into obscurity. You’re not fooling anyone. We can all see you’re ignorance.

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Atheist Seeking Citizenship Told She Must First Join Church →

Listening to Young Atheists: Lessons for a Stronger Christianity →


This is a great article on young atheists and what made them turn away from the faith. My experience with lapsed Catholics (both those who have become protestants as well as those who are now atheists) bear this out.

The conclusion of the article? If you want to reach atheists, be a saint.

To repeat my earlier comment on this bullshit article:

Fuck this ad hom bullshit. This whole story, which was written by a biased thoughtless numbskull, seeks to frame atheism as an individual’s problem with some church or set of religious ceremonies. The subtext, of course, is that they’re atheists because they want to be atheists. Like it’s cool to be part of the “new atheism” movement (if you can even stomach that fucking term.) That if only church were more engaging these kids would reveal that truly, in their heart of hearts, they believe in some god. He even subheads a section: “The Decision to embrace unbelief was often an emotional one.”

What a steaming load of pandering, dismissive, thought-terminating, condescending bullshit.

First of all, it’s not a decision to believe or not believe something. If that were the case, of course, you could decide to believe you were telepathic and you could have communicated this story to the whole planet without having to publish it (saving us all a lot of grief). You could have chosen to believe you can fly. Yet, you published this harmful bullshit where everyone could see it because you don’t believe you can communicate telepathically and you don’t walk off the Empire State Building because you don’t just believe you can fly. Not believing in your ability to fly isn’t the result of some low self-esteem or traumatic childhood, it’s based on what you know about the natural world. Not believing in gods isn’t based on being bored at church and your fucking single, pathetic anecdote doesn’t help your argument. Not believing in gods is based on the same observation and knowledge of the natural world.

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"Faith is the surrender of the mind": Atheism →



The believe that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for once again, no reason whatsoever, into…

Nothing like typing out well-known memes word-for-word (except spelled wrong) as if they’re your own work to show everyone your absolute refusal to think.

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“I don’t believe in evolution, I accept that it is true.”
“I don’t believe in evolution, I understand why evolution is true.”

New atheists don’t understand what a belief is.

Sounds more like you don’t understand the nuance of the word “belief.” Words have different meanings in different contexts, you know that, don’t you? There’s ‘belief’ meaning ‘intellectual acceptance’ and there’s belief meaning ‘devoted conviction or faith.’

Outside of the context of religion, I believe in the Republican party in that I accept that there is such an entity, but I do not believe in the Republican party in that I have no confidence in their ideas or actions. I believe that the best science points to evolution as the actual process by which species develop and change over time. I don’t just accept it’s true because a pile of unhistorical stories were compiled about it the way people who actually believe a magical god character exists do.

See, not everything’s so easily reducible to smartass little blog posts.

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Middle School Muslim students participate in the Friday prayer service. Menstruating girls, at the very back, do not take part

Christian fundamentalists open the way for all other religious fundamentalists to demand equal rights to conduct religion in public schools

“A high school near Washington DC has taken a rare step of accommodating Muslim prayer during class hours.”

Separate all religions from state/public affairs…

OK, so teenage girls on their period are excluded and separated from the group, but Islam isn’t internalized misogyny? OK.

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Our Purpose Part II


Some people

Who you calling “some people?”

reblogged my original Purpose post. They didn’t understand obviously because they said, “What if that child cures cancer.” What purpose is there in curing cancer if we all die anyway and there is no God?

People wouldn’t have to have cancer. They could enjoy a cancer-free life with their loved ones before they die anyway and there is no god.

There is no point in saving lives if their is no God.


And yes there is. Living is fun and I want to live. Life is where all the best stuff happens. Have you heard the albums Jimi Hendrix recorded after he died? They’re terrible! He clearly was at his creative peak between the time he was born and the time he died. Why isn’t enjoying life and wanting to prolong it enough? Why do I need to follow it up with some magical trip to never never land?

You live and you die in a world with no God.

Yeah! That’s what I’m saying, and it’s OK.

A world with God you are dead, born again, and then given an eternal life.

Depending on which particular god myth you believe for no good reason because there’s no evidence for it. Your desire to live forever can’t make it so.

Also we don’t have our children glorify us because we are not perfect and technically we indirectly made them if God exists.

Nah, son, children are made using your junk. It involves a lot of stickiness. Also, you missed the point of my analogy. Why would a god need constant praise, why would that be something that a god would desire? He’s already a god, he’s got limitless powers. He could play any Super Nintendo game he wants and his console never farts out, no matter how old it is. He never even has to blow on the game. Why would he have needs or desires at all? If you were the most powerful entity in any dimension, how could you want for anything?

God is perfect though and he formed us and gave us our life. Why would we not praise his gracious name?

If he was perfect and he created us, you’d think he’d have gotten a better result.

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In the Beginning

Your wrong about so many things here, lets discuss a small percentage of how wrong you are.


One idea that is prevalent through the entire creation account

creation myth. That’s not an insult, we’re literally talking about a myth. By definition, the story of creation in the Bible is classified as myth. Also, it’s not true and you’d have to be stupid to believe it is. That’s an insult.

is the idea of separation. Separating light from darkness, earth from sky, land from sea,

Land and sea aren’t separate.

night from day,

Only separate in so much as its how we’re marking time,

humans from animals,

Not at all separate, that’s like saying you’re separating orange from colors.

and man from woman.

Also not separate. Culturally you may have dreamed up some separation, but since this post is about science, than scientifically speaking, the difference between a man and a woman is about as great as the difference between a male and female salamander. Might matter to the salamander, but you wouldn’t say the male and female salamander are separate. Tell you this much: If men and women were ‘separate,’ we wouldn’t do too well as a species.

It’s the idea of creating order as much as creating in general.

Why would a god need a way to create order? Like, if a god could just create night and day, why couldn’t he just create order? Why would he need to create something that makes order? It’s like saying if i had unlimited powers and I wanted a burrito I could make a cow appear and then milk the cow and process the milk to into sour cream and then kill the cow and grind and cook its meat and refry some beans and wish for some tomato seeds to plant tomatoes to begin the process of making my own salsa, or, I just make a fucking burrito appear fully formed.

This was something the ancients

the ancients!? Ha, what a silly, romanticized phrase for cavemen.

understood as being a necessary part of creation.

You mean, it worked well for their plot? You see, the ancients didn’t have a great expanse of knowledge or access to the kinds of tools for understanding the natural world we have today. They didn’t have very long lifespans. It was like a planet run by the stupidest, most frightened, anxious teenagers ever. Defensive, immature and confused, they made up stories. Stories were interesting, especially fantastic ones, people listen to stories and people who tell stories like to be listened to. So fantastic stories were made up. When people asked ‘why does the sun circle the sky?’ Story tellers made up different stories. Gods in chariots, giant eyes, whatever whatever, one of them happened to be this particularly refined Jewish myth. That’s not understanding. That’s just compelling storytelling.

I think it’s really cool that our modern science has confirmed this.

Well, take your jacket off, son, because it’s about to get a little less cool in here: Modern science hasn’t confirmed jackshit of what you’re talking about.

Some of our biggest questions and unknowns about the start of the universe deal with separations. For our universe to take form matter had to separate from energy.

eh….does not compute….

Matter had to separate from antimatter.

Dude, you don’t know what antimatter is. I don’t know what antimatter is. Like, no one really knows enough about antimatter, you probably should just back off talking about it until you have like a billion degrees in theoretical physics, and if you had those degrees, you’d know not to talk about antimatter like you know what you’re talking about, cause you don’t.

The four fundamental forces

John, Paul, George and Ringo?

all had to be separated. Space and time had to be separated.

Space and time are not exactly “separated.”

How this all happened are the questions at the cutting edge of physics and astronomy, as they well should be. A grand unification theory would launch science into an entirely different place.

But I do think it’s pretty cool that theologians have had the answer below all the physicists answers for 5000 years.

Yeah, too bad it’s a bullshit answer. The theologians answer is just to shrug and say “magic man did it.” That’s not answer, that’s a hypothesis, and a silly one with no justification.

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