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Here’s the difference between me and Ann Coulter, besides the undeniable fact that I’m way better looking than this creepy fire-eyed walking corpse: I think Muslims shouldn’t be immune to criticism of their religious beliefs, but that they still ought to be treated equally by society. There’s nothing wrong with me criticizing Islamic tradition within the context of my larger criticisms of “traditions” and “religion” in general. And there’s a difference too between what’s going on here, which is online, blogging in a community designed for discussions and sharing ideas, and harassing a person in public. I’d never stop a Muslim on the street and assert a debate onto them, but you can’t come to my blog and  call me a bigot just because I’ve identified ways in which your religion is oppressing you. You can’t make assumptions about atheists and not expect me to jump up and correct you, but it’s always only conversation and it’s never more than that.

What Coulter is calling for here, and what secretly lies in the hearts of all right-wing neo-con fuckheads like her, is fascism. It’s a racist fascism: Nationalism, and for that, I have no tolerance. I’m not even comfortable with the idea that if Tsarnaev’s wife “knew” something than she should face legal punishment. The guy was clearly violent and an extremist, who knows what threat this woman was living under?

I guess the point I’m getting at is: Fuck Ann Coulter and all you dumb motherfuckers on the right who back her fascism nationalism.

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