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UK lawmaker: Short skirts, high heels risk rape →

LONDON (AP) — A British lawmaker's suggestion that young women who wear high heels and short skirts put themselves at greater risk of rape has drawn widespread condemnation.

"If you are blind drunk and wearing those clothes how able are you to get away?" Conservative Party lawmaker Richard Graham, of Gloucester, was quoted as saying by his local newspaper, The Citizen.

Anti-rape activists said Graham’s comments smacked of blaming rape victims for having been assaulted.

But Graham said in a blog post Saturday that his interview “in no way intimates ANY excuse for predatory behavior.”

In further comments to The Citizen, Graham said, “Risk management is a million miles from saying anything like ‘she was asking for it.’”

Graham could not be reached for comment Sunday.

A Conservative publicly announces his hatred of women and support for rapists. Or, as I call it, Monday morning.

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    This is isn’t “victim blaming.”You people need to calm down and read the actual statement before getting your panties in...
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    Your “Risk management” can kiss my ass
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    Risk management. That’s a good thing to talk about. Here’s an idea. How about we tell MEN that getting drunk is a bad...
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    I propose the drafting of a law that prohibits men from talking about why women are raped. Fuck your “risk management”....
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    Fucking right. I was in jeans and a pretty boring top, and it wasn’t any fucker chasing me down that did it.
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    I was sober, wearing jeans & a baggy hoodie when I was sexually assaulted. Explain that, fuckwit. Was I asking for it?
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