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Girl Scouts allow transgender children to participate. Christian fundamentalist Jan Brady gets all crybaby over it and calls for a boycott in a poorly filmed youtube clip. ugh.

I wish I could pull this apart and tell you all the reasons this girl is an indoctrinated little bigot, but the anger is giving me such a headache, I thought I’d let you.

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    Trans girls have every right to be girl scouts. They’re girls aren’t they?
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    Many transgender (mtf) females are actually heterosexul - they’re girls, and they desire boys. It would be perfectly...
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    can some one please beat her with a sack of butter?
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    This girl needs to get the stick out of her butt and learn a thing or two about acceptance.
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    I’ll take five boxes of Do-Si-Dos now.
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    I worked for my local Girl Scout council for three years in my teens. It was no secret that we allowed people of the...
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    …how is this a safety issue? yes, because transgender GIRLS, not boys, are sooo dangerous. totally.
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    um is she, like, afraid of getting raped by a trans girl who probably doesn’t want anything to do with her anyway…?
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    Wow, your mom and dad totally FUCKED UP raising you. My generation sadly has been the WORST PARENTS EVER. I am buying...
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    This is stupid. She doesn’t seem very Girl Scout-y to me. She sounds like she’s reading an essay for school.
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    This..ugh. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t even like the girl scouts but I think this is absolutely...
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    I like how she claims that allowing Trans* girls to participate in GS is “dishonest,” but truth be told (pun very much...
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    One of the things that flashed up on the screen was “What bathrooms do they use?” And before I get all serious, I’d like...
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