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What Happens When You Cross A Republican With A Republican? I Dunno But It’s Dumb →


What Happens When You Cross A Republican With A Republican? I Dunno But It’s Dumb

I’m beginning to think that the GOP run-off between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel is going to last forever and will end up looking like Sherman went through Mississippi instead of Georgia.This sucker runs the gambit from illegal photo-taking to suicide to breaking and entering to bribes to … hell, there’s no end in sight.Although the Mississippi GOP certified Cochran as the winner, McDaniel is claiming that he will challenge the decision.And get this: he’s superhero CorruptionBuster!

In an interview with WLOX-TV on Monday, McDaniel remarked that “there’s no timetable for justice.”“We’re going to find the corruption that exists in Mississippi, if it exists, and we’re going to put an end to it once and for all,” he said.

Yeah, putting an end to corruption in Mississippi would be just a little harder than moving the capital from Jackson to New York City.

And if there’s a circus anywhere within the boundaries of electoral college votes, Ted Cruz wants to be the ringmaster. So, he jumps in.

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What do you call the children of two Republicans? Sarah Palinbreds! :rimshot:

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Hey, sorry, don't feel like reblogging and making a heap of replies. Those are annoying right? I meant that there are religions out there that don't even have god in their religion and also follow scientific teachings. Religion does not equal belief in a god

Atheism is about a belief in god though, so it doesn’t totally make sense, but OK.


The next atheist that tells me they don’t follow a religion because they believe in science needs to do a little research and come back

Hey, I did the research. Turns out the burden of proof lies upon those making the claim. In other words, I’m skeptical about the existence of a god, but I’m interested in evaluating your evidence if you have any.

I learned that from science.

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Religion is Easier than Math Source: Source and comments


Religion is Easier than Math

Source: Source and comments

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Maurice Sendak talks about atheism with Terry Gross in this animated interview.

Hillary Clinton: The Bible is the Biggest Influence on My Thinking



In a recent interview, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Bible was and continues to be the biggest influence on her thinking. Click to Continue 

ugh. Just another reason I’m definitely going to be disappointed with whoever our next president is.

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The Christian right’s twisted notion of religious freedom - →

Evangelicals think the Constitution gives them power to force their faith on others. Here’s why they’re delusional.





DailyPBO: The President & The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation - June 2014
The crowd to President Obama: “We love you President Obama! You’re our hero!”
President Obama: “I love you back!”
Obama became only the fourth sitting president to visit an Indian reservation. Attending with the First Lady, it was a truly inspiring event at the Cannon Ball Pow Wow Grounds in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The Native American community was bursting with pride over the president’s visit and when he spoke Lakota during his speech, they were completely moved. It was a wonderful day for a community that never (and I mean NEVER) gets the respect they deserve. Bravo, Mr. President.
For more reactions, check the Twitter hashtag: #PrezRezVisit

Only the fourth? Of ALL the sitting presidents that have come and gone? Dang.



This made me tear up a little bit.

Calvin Coolidge traveled to South Dakota’s Pine Ridge reservation in 1927, three years after he signed the Indian Citizenship Act that granted some Indians American citizenship.

Franklin Roosevelt visited North Carolina’s Cherokee Nation in 1936.

And in 1999, Bill Clinton also visited Pine Ridge, a little more than a century after U.S. soldiers massacred hundreds of Lakota men, women and children there at Wounded Knee.

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