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Tucker Carlson: It's A 'Racist Attack' To Point Out My 'White Privilege' →


Tucker Carlson: It's A 'Racist Attack' To Point Out My 'White Privilege'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday said that liberals were making a “racist attack” by pointing out that “white privilege” exists in America.

During an interview on Fox News, Carlson noted that conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter had been criticized for a recent column claiming what people thought was white privilege was “just me being better than you.”

"I mean, it’s silly on its face," the Fox News host opined. "Some white people are privileged, some aren’t. Some black people are, some aren’t. It’s strikes me as, by definition, a racist attack in that it’s making a generalization — a negative one — based on skin color."

"Absolutely," Schlichter insisted. "Absolutely, it’s un-American and immoral. It makes you forever and forever stuck in one category."

"All of us have worked, all of us have achieved something," he continued. "That is how we measure character, that’s how we measure what the value of a person is, not some arbitrary category imposed by some ponytailed grad students who have taken too many gender study seminars."

"That is just so fantastic," Carlson smiled.

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lol, tucker is a moron.

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Calif. mayor says bullying victims need to toughen up and ‘grow a pair’ →


This from a guy with a pubic hair mustache:

He’s right, let’s all kick his ass and bully the shit out of him.

I bet if he got even one even mildly threatening email about saying that he’d call the police instead of “growing a pair”.

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Could you please explain to me how requiring show of ID would make voting harder for certain groups in America? It's a genuine question, I'm not American and I don't fully understand. Voting always requires show of ID in my country (Belgium) so I'm not used to anything else. Is it because not all Americans carry ID?


Here are the groups most likely to be impacted:

The Poor: More than 1 million voters who fall below the poverty line live more than 10 miles away from their nearest identification-issuing office, according to a report by the Brennan Center for Justice. The cost of birth certificates, often required to obtain identification, and the IDs themselves can be a burden; having to travel, and perhaps miss work, is another hurdle to getting an ID. And according to Census data compiled by the National Women’s Law Center, women are more likely to live in poverty than men. The poverty rate among adult women over 18 was 14.6 percent in 2011, compared with 10.9 percent of men.

Seniors: The AARP says as many as one in five seniors lacks a current government-issued photo identification. In 2006, as many as 8 million people over the age of 65 didn’t have an identification, and the older they get, the less likely they are to have a driver’s license. And women live longer than men: The life expectancy at birth for men in the United States is 76.2 years, while women can expect to live for 81.2 years. The Census Bureau estimated the 65-and-over population at 24.3 million women and just 18.8 million men.

The Married, and the Divorced: About 90 percent of women change their names when they get married, and many change their names back if they get divorced. The rate of women who keep their maiden names may actually be falling, according to Harvard economist Claudia Goldin. A Brennan Center survey found just 48 percent of voting-age women have easy access to their birth certificates, and 66 percent of those women have access to proof of citizenship with their current legal names.

Students: Students who attend out-of-state schools often don’t bother to get a driver’s license in their new state, while students who stick closer to home still have to either sign up for an absentee ballot or head home to vote in person. The Census Bureau showed women are more likely to be enrolled in college — there are 10.9 million female students in American colleges, compared with 8.8 million men.


Stands. Applauds.

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This is just a happy reminder that Jesus loves you…like, really really loves you.

i will never understand how a dead person loves me. he doesnt even know me. i wasnt aware that the dead were somehow capable of…

The Church teaches that he resurrected on the third day and ascended to be with our heavenly (and omnipresent/ all-loving) Father.

Yeah, thanks a lot for repeating the basic premise of Christianity for me. Could you go over the finer points of single digit addition too? I could also use a refresher course on those 26 letters that make up the English language. What’s that system called again?

Seriously, you are, in every sense of the word, an asshole.

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Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her faith →

An Islamic government is putting a pregnant woman to death for refusing to convert to Islam.

I want this kind of violence to not be the face of Islam, but when religion, especially Islam, runs a country, it runs it using fascist violence.

These ideological institutions breed top-down “obey or be killed” style thinking and embraces iron-fist leadership.

How do we know Jesus was straight if he never got married?


Mainly Matthew 19:4-6. Also that doesn’t matter. Scripture is what condemns the action of homosexuality, and God speaks through Scripture. 

Homosexuality isn’t an action, Einstein.

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Nebraska Senate Nominee Says Religious Beliefs Can Justify Breaking Any Law | ThinkProgress →

Isn’t this exactly what I keep saying is the harm of religion?



those damn irresponsible poors with their flat screen tvs and their cellular phones and their clothes

The things you can afford… but you know… let’s just pretend they’re still paying late 90’s prices and in a booming economy or something…

If conservatives can’t grasp this they really don’t understand that ‘supply and demand’ lesson their so fond of repeating.

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This is just a happy reminder that Jesus loves you…like, really really loves you.

i will never understand how a dead person loves me. he doesnt even know me. i wasnt aware that the dead were somehow capable of experience feelings and emotions as well as directing that love to someone they have never met or known. so intriguing. not.

He’s not dead tho…

So, if he’s not dead, what am I to make of the whole “Jesus died for you” meme?

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Iraq Debates Law That Would Allow Men To Marry 9-Year-Old Girls : Parallels : NPR →

"Although the Muslim holy book, the Quran, does not state an exact age for marriage, some scholars quote religious texts indicating that it’s allowed for girls of 9 to marry. But Iraq has a long tradition of separation of mosque and state, and several senior Shiite clergy have come out against the proposed law."

Make no mistake: this law is 100% the work of Islamic Fundamentalists, meaning the more devoted to Islam one is, the more likely they are to embrace legalizing what is definitely child sex slavery.